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Nov 15 2011

Small Successes

I wish I had started blogging at the beginning of the year so that I could look back on it but I was so overwhelmed at the time and largely frustrated with what I was doing. I still go back and forth with liking and disliking the job but I’m ready to start blogging and here is my first post.

Overall today was a great day in the classroom, it was my first real day doing centers. I had experimented with them a few times before but it was a brief, day long try and today was the real deal. It went really well in my first class – ten times better than expected. The best part was the kids were so excited about them that it motivated them to really focus in the first part of the lesson so that they were allowed to participate. I worked really hard on Sunday to put them together and since I feel like I work all the time, I was hoping my hard work would pay off. Well it did! Seeing the joy on their faces when they were sitting together playing a math game was one of the few times I have seen joy in my classroom. They were so intent and working together that I was even able to snap a photo without a group noticing. Seeing my little scholars who usually are so mean and catty to each other, work together like human beings was really special and it has encouraged me, at least for the day to keep working hard for them.

It did not go well in the second class. Since they are not my homeroom, I feel like I have had a harder time building relationships with them even though I really like the individuals in the class. They are smart and have a lot of potential but their behavior is just so challenging. More to come soon and I hope to post some of my older funny stories too : )

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